Millenium Viceroy Resort and Spa

  • Bedrooms: 2 • Bathrooms: 2
  • $300 / night
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Image for 485 Brickell Ave, Miami FL
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Image for 485 brickell avenue, miami fl
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Image for Vacation rental right on the beach
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Living la vida loca... for less

Morgan Vacation Properties Miami

Ready to save money on hotels and still rent the best properties Miami and Miami Beach have to offer? For less than half the cost of a hotel room, book your vacation stay with Morgan Vacation Properties, and save big !!

We have properties all across Miami and Miami beach in the best areas, from cheap to top luxury, but for a fragment of the price, and still backed by a world class customer service and 5 star cleaning service.

Discover with us the luxury of staying at the Viceroy Miami, Mondrian South Beach, Flamingo resort and browse our listings for an enjoyable and unforgettable stay in Miami.

Don't forget, you can call us anytime to reach an agent !

Latest Listings

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Check out soon for our new apartments for rent :
- Akoya ... Right on the Beach
- Grand Miami Downtown
and many more to come...

Latest Properties

The best prices in Miami

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